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“The Artificially Intelligent Enterprise has been a terrific resource for early detection of the AI breakthroughs I can actually use in my day-to-day.”

Travis VanCEO and Founder, TechNews

“Put simply...You're not working with the right team if Mark and the AIE crew is not riding shotgun on your AI journey. I continue to come away impressed with the quality of the work and spot-on recommendations.”

Christian TateCEO, CloudTruth

“The Artificially Intelligent Enterprise' to be incredibly valuable. The focus is on real-world applications; offering relatable case studies, evidence backed research combined with expert opinions highlighting the tangible benefits and strategic uses of AI in various industries.”

Melanie McLaughlinChief AI Officer

“I've been subscribed to The Artificially Intelligent Enterprise, and it's been incredibly helpful. Mark's experience and clear explanations make complex AI topics easy to understand. ”

Shubham SabooAuthor | Founder of Unwind AI

“Gen AI insights served fresh! In a technology driven and noisy world, it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Our team utilizes newsletters as one of the key ways to stay informed and gain insights. The AI Enterprise doesn't disappoint. We highly recommend strategies to use artificial intelligence in your enterprise.”

Nancy Bain CEO and Founder, SuperNova Media

“Mark's expertise, passion and dedication to advancing AI education and community engagement have been instrumental in shaping the success of our group.The AIE's articles consistently resonate with our members, sparking engaging discussions and igniting curiosity about the potential of AI. ”

Tammy DietrichCo-Organizer, RDU AI Meetup Group

“The AI space moves so quickly and has a vocabulary of its own. I depend on this newsletter to keep me up to speed and help in identifying the best tools available as well as those tools that fall behind and move ahead. I am at least 25 percent more productive during the business day. There is no reason to ever do a Google search again or write an initial brief or document.”

Alan BoydCEO, CNS Vital Signs

“he Artificially Intelligent Enterprise is a fantastic resource for any business leader looking to understand and implement AI. The website is packed with insightful articles, practical tips, and real-world case studies that demystify AI and make it accessible for everyone. Whether you're just starting to explore AI or looking to scale your existing AI initiatives, The Artificially Intelligent Enterprise provides the guidance and inspiration you need to succeed in the age of AI. Highly recommended!”

Matt ValentineGoogle

“Mark is an influencer in the AI sector and his newsletter has a strong pulse on the latest happenings in AI. Recommended!”

Ray GeorgePR Veteran

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