AI Rewind: The Artificially Intelligent Enterprise Online Conference

My passion project becomes a reality

I’ve been working on this project for the last few months with my friends at TechStrong Media to launch what I hope will be the biggest online conference for Generative AI, The Artificially Intelligent Enterprise Online.

I want to invite all of my subscribers to attend for free.

This is the first conference we are putting together, making it accessible to all attendees. Here are the details of the event.

  • Four Tracks: Executive, DevOps, AI Development, Business

  • 70+ Speakers

  • Curated Content for Business users who want to understand how to use AI

  • Worldwide Web Broadcast, No travel

  • 24 hours of AI

  • AI software development, business, and research leaders will speak from real-life experience with artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

  • Vendor-neutral event to facilitate learning across the entire industry

  • Produced by the Artificially Intelligent Enterprise and Techstrong

Dive deep into the Artificial Intelligence (AI) world at this conference designed for all levels of your enterprise. Whether you're a business leader seeking growth strategies, an executive crafting a digital transformation plan, a DevOps champion integrating AI, or a developer building next-gen intelligent systems, there's a track for you. Discover real-world tactics, cutting-edge frameworks, and hands-on workshops to unlock AI's potential and propel your organization forward.

Business Track

How to Drive Productivity and Growth with AI

Aaron Fulkerson, CEO of Opaque Systems, Previously Vice President & General Manager, ServiceNow Impact

Discover proven strategies, real-world frameworks, and actionable steps for capitalizing on AI to boost business performance. Learn how industry leaders integrate artificial intelligence into operations to cut costs, uncover insights, automate processes, and delight customers.

Executive Track

Realizing Competitive Advantage with AI-Driven Digital Transformation

Track Chair: Damon Edwards, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer RunDeck, Acquired by Pager Duty for $100 Million

Leading enterprises across sectors are harnessing artificial intelligence's unprecedented potential to enhance productivity, efficiency, and decision-making dramatically. This track provides executives with a comprehensive strategic blueprint and analytical approach for successfully integrating AI capabilities across their organizations.

Attendees will gain exclusive access to the precise operational frameworks that industry pioneers have utilized to capitalize on intelligent automation and advanced analytics. Whether optimizing supply chains, personalizing customer experiences, uncovering growth opportunities, or establishing innovation centers, this track empowers leaders to leverage AI's full transformative power.

DevOps Track

Flawless AI Integration

Track Chair: John M. Willis, Accomplished author of the (DevOps Handbook, Profound), an innovative entrepreneur with over eight startup acquisitions, Author of 12 books, one of the godfathers of DevOps

Skill up on best practices for implementing enterprise AI for DevOps teams. Technologists of all levels can master AI lifecycle management, from developing, debugging, and monitoring intelligent systems to maintaining rigorous model governance, reproducibility, and transparency.

AI Development Track

Architecting Intelligent Systems

Track Chair: David Nalley, Director of Open Source Strategy and Marketing at AWS, President of the Apache Software Foundation

Learn how to build a performant and trustworthy AI. Data scientists and ML engineers will workshop the creation of machine learning pipelines, natural language processing applications, computer vision systems, and more. Code live prototypes leveraging the latest techniques and cloud-based tools.

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