AI Rewind: Who's Who in Artificial Intelligence

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Here’s a list of my most popular posts on Artificial Intelligence; if you like what I say, please feel free to like them or comment on them, or ask questions. I love learning and sharing what I learned with you.

As the maker of ChatGPT @OpenAI provides has given six strategies for getting better results. Tactics for getting better results from large language models

  1. Write clear instructions.

  2. Provide reference text

  3. Split complex tasks into simpler subtasks

  4. Give the model time to "think"

  5. Use external tools.

  6. Test changes systematically

According to a report from The Information Open AI's OpenAI recently topped $1.6 billion in annualized revenue. According to two people who know the figure, that's up from $1.3 billion as of mid-October. Also, Anthropic is set to generate about $850 in annualized revenue. To give those numbers context, here's a revenue comparison with some well-known public tech companies.

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Dive into 2024 with these tips on what GenAI considerations you should be for the upcoming year. As my friend Aaron Fulkerson says, "2023 was the year of the AI pilot, and 2024 is the year of scaling AI." I took the opportunity to reflect on how AI will advance in the coming year and how to prepare for these upcoming changes. 🤖 Next-Gen AI Developments: Explore how AI will revolutionize industries and create new job opportunities.🌍 AI's Global Impact: Understand AI's role in reshaping healthcare, finance, and more.💼 AI in Your Business: Practical tips for integrating AI into your business strategy.🔥 This Issue's Highlight: "Creating an AI Agenda for 2024" — A comprehensive guide on preparing for AI's accelerating impact. Whether you're a business leader, tech enthusiast, or AI strategist, this issue offers valuable insights on how to be successful with AI in the upcoming year.

I am a huge history student, and I love historical biographies. (Currently, I am reading the story of Rudolf Diesel.) I also think you can learn a lot about technology by knowing who made it or made it, whichever the case. I've been doing some research for a book with a friend, and I thought I'd try to pick out some of the folks who helped make AI, from Alan Turing to some of the most interesting scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs of today. It's also great to see these people of science becoming rockstars who generously share their knowledge on LinkedIn, like Yann LeCun and Andrew Ng (both worth a follow). So, I put together a list of early pioneers, modern business leaders, and scientists that I think have been impacting the development of AI in a big way. I'd love to hear other suggestions of who else people think are doing critical work on artificial intelligence. I was hoping you could leave some comments so I can expand my list.


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