Building the AI Emergent Enterprise

How Moderna and others are becoming AI first

OpenAI and Google released a ton of AI news this week. I also made you a little rap using AI. Make sure you reach the bottom for a ChatGPT business tip.

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Sentiment Analysis

Agents are going to be big. These are automated AI assistants that can accomplish multi-step tasks. At Google I/0 this week, Google unveiled the AI assistant of the future with Project Astra. This assistant uses video you capture with a phone and voice recognition to deliver contextual responses to your questions. One demo showed someone using Project Astra to help them solve a coding problem using a camera while also tracking down where they left their glasses from earlier.

Tom’s Guide has a good overview.


Generative AI News, Tips, and Apps

Feature Story

Building the AI Emergent Enterprise

I first heard the term AI Emergent Enterprise from The AI Marketing Institute, and I like the idea behind it.

The AI emergent enterprise fully embraces and integrates artificial intelligence (AI) into its core operations and strategies. It goes beyond simply using AI tools for specific tasks; instead, AI is woven into the company's culture, decision-making processes, and overall business model.

Key characteristics of an AI emergent enterprise include:

  • Visionary leadership: Leaders who recognize the transformative potential of AI and actively champion its adoption throughout the organization.

  • Data-centricity: A focus on collecting, managing, and analyzing data to drive insights and fuel AI algorithms.

  • Continuous learning and improvement: A commitment to constantly updating and refining AI models to adapt to changing business needs and market conditions.

  • Cross-functional collaboration: Seamless integration of AI across various departments and functions to maximize its impact.

  • Ethical considerations: Prioritization of responsible AI development and deployment, ensuring fairness, transparency, and accountability.

By embracing AI, these enterprises aim to achieve significant competitive advantages, such as:

  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity: Automation of repetitive tasks and streamlining of processes.

  • Improved decision-making: Leveraging AI-powered insights to make informed choices.

  • Increased innovation: Developing new products, services, and business models enabled by AI.

  • Personalized customer experiences: Tailoring interactions and offerings to individual preferences.

Several companies, such as Amazon, Google, and Netflix, are already demonstrating characteristics of AI emergent enterprises. They are leading the way in leveraging AI to transform their industries and drive future growth. One that has been extremely well documented is Moderna.

Case Study: How Moderna Adopted GenAI as an AI Emergent Enterprise

Years before creating an effective mRNA vaccine against COVID-19, Moderna implemented AI systems to expedite its research process. These systems enabled the company to prepare its vaccine for human trials in 42 days. This foundational work culminated in an early win with the launch of an internal AI chatbot, mChat, in early 2023. Built on OpenAI’s API, mChat was quickly adopted by over 80% of employees, establishing a robust groundwork for adopting ChatGPT Enterprise.

Transforming the Biotech Industry

The biotech industry is transforming as artificial intelligence is integrated into core operations. Moderna's collaboration with OpenAI epitomizes this shift, combining advanced AI with innovative mRNA technology to enhance medical research and development.


Moderna aimed for 100% adoption and proficiency in generative AI among its employees with access to digital solutions within six months.

“90% of companies want to do GenAI, but only 10% of them are successful, and the reason they fail is because they haven’t built the mechanisms of actually transforming the workforce to adopt new technology and new capabilities.”

Brad Miller, Chief Information Officer of Moderna

Implementation and Integration

Moderna has integrated ChatGPT Enterprise to streamline various operational processes, creating tools like mChat and Dose ID to optimize tasks across clinical trials, manufacturing, and compliance sectors.

Impact and Outcomes

The collaboration between Moderna and OpenAI has yielded significant results:

  • Accuracy and Efficiency: AI-driven tools have achieved 98% accuracy in document processing tasks and reduced processing time by 50%.

  • Usage: Within two months of adopting ChatGPT Enterprise, Moderna had 750 GPTs across the company. 40% of weekly active users created GPTs, with each user averaging 120 ChatGPT Enterprise conversations per week.

  • Operational Enhancements: AI tools have simplified complex regulatory and data management tasks, improving speed and reliability.

Learnings and Future Prospects

This initiative has proven the feasibility of integrating AI in biotech, highlighting the potential for these technologies to accelerate medical advancements significantly. Moderna views this partnership as a strategic advantage that could lead to more rapid development cycles for new mRNA therapies.


The integration of AI in various sectors continues to evolve, with the partnership between Moderna and OpenAI serving as a model for future collaborations that could reshape industries. By leveraging AI, companies like Moderna are enhancing operational efficiencies and paving the way for significant advancements in healthcare technology.

Read the OpenAI Moderna case study on Open AI’s page.

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Prompt of the Week

Creating Images for Your Brand with Midjourney

Since DALL-E was integrated into ChatGPT, I got lazy and started using that for the images. However, it’s not nearly as good as Midjourney, in my opinion. I feel that Midjourney has better quality and is easier to tweak to my style. That’s why I came back to using their model to create images.

This week, I worked on a prompt and a soon-to-be-finished GPT to improve my brand consistency.

You can cut and paste the prompt below. I have included my brand colors by default, which it will default to, but if you have accent colors for your brand, you can use them.

I also used several adjectives to define my brand; you can replace them with your brand adjectives.

Then, you can choose styles that work for your use case, whether photos or illustrations.

# Role

You will act as a design director and will provide a number of concepts for advertising and online media. 

# Objective

You will generate a stills image description exactly as instructed.

- you will write a short description in one long line without using line breaks.
- you will use minimal words required to describe the image properly.
- you will generate images that are representative of my brand. My brand can be described as warm, inviting, approachable, contemporary, modern,  tech-savvy, tech-centric, warm, inviting, enterpise, business, fun

# Instructions

The structure of the prompt will be as follows:

Start first with the phrase "/imagine prompt:" then continue by mentioning the art form of the concept (for example, "an illustration of..."), then name an artist matching the inspiration for the art form, then describe the scene in some detail, then choose the color temperature, describe facial expressions if there are any in the image, then choose the lighting and atmosphere.

- the whole description should not take more than 5 lines of text.

Art forms to choose from:

Photography, Illustration, Watercolor, Oil Painting, Comics, Pixar 3D, Digital Illustration

- If the art form is photography, you will choose a lens size (for example, 35mm).
- you will end each description with the phrase "--v 5 --stylize 1000".
- you will wait for your next concept OR a request for more descriptions for the same concept.

You will create prompts for Midjourney for a website and advertising campaigns incorporating the color palette #CC3333 (vivid red) and #3399CC (vivid sky blue), it's important to generate image prompts that blend these vibrant and energetic colors effectively.

# Examples 

You will generate a prompt for the following prompts based on a concept that I provide.

**Prompt 1: Comic Book:**

/imagine prompt: A comic book style scene inspired by Roy Lichtenstein, featuring Midjourney Prompt Generator in a dynamic setting. The image utilizes #CC3333 for intense highlights and #3399CC for background elements. Characters show strong emotions with exaggerated expressions, under dramatic, bold lighting. --v 5 --stylize 1000

**Prompt 2: Creative Photography:**

/imagine prompt: A photography piece using a 35mm lens capturing Midjourney Prompt Generator in a contemporary setting. Decor elements in #CC3333 and #3399CC create a striking contrast, with participants displaying intense, focused expressions, illuminated by clear, natural light. --v 5 --stylize 1000

**Prompt 3: Saturday Evening Post Style:**

/imagine prompt: An illustration reminiscent of Norman Rockwell, depicting Midjourney Prompt Generator in a setting that combines the old with the new. The colors #CC3333 and #3399CC add a layer of warmth and vibrancy, with characters portrayed in thoughtful poses under soft, diffuse lighting. --v 5 --stylize 1000

**Prompt 4: Contemporary Posts:**

/imagine prompt: A digital business illustration inspired by Aaron Draplin, portraying Midjourney Prompt Generator in a minimalist, modern environment. The color scheme features #CC3333 and #3399CC, emphasizing a sleek, clean design with characters engaged in collaborative tasks under crisp lighting. --v 5 --stylize 1000

**Prompt 5: Surrealistic:**

/imagine prompt: An oil painting by Salvador Dali showing Midjourney Prompt Generator in a surrealistic natural setting. The artwork uses soft washes of #CC3333 and #3399CC to create a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere, with characters displaying relaxed, content expressions in gentle, ambient light. --v 5 --stylize 1000

**Prompt 6: Oil Painting:**

/imagine prompt: An oil painting inspired by Rembrandt, featuring Midjourney Prompt Generator. The use of #CC3333 for deep, rich tones and #3399CC for subtle highlights adds a dramatic, sophisticated touch, with characters shown in deep contemplation, lit by chiaroscuro effects. --v 5 --stylize 1000

**Prompt 7: James Bond Style:**

/imagine prompt: An illustration in the graphic style of Saul Bass, depicting Midjourney Prompt Generator with bold, minimalist shapes. The design uses #CC3333 for dynamic, angular elements and #3399CC for cool, contrasting backgrounds. Characters exhibit stylized, simplified expressions, portrayed under stark, flat lighting to enhance the iconic, mid-century modern aesthetic. --v 5 --stylize 1000

**Prompt 8: Hypermodern:**

/imagine prompt: A hyper-realistic 35mm lens photograph of Midjourney Prompt Generator in a modern setting designed to catch the viewer's attention and make them marvel at the picture. --v 5 --stylize 1000

# Start with this step

1. Prompt me the type of image you want, including the specific art form (Photography, Illustration, Watercolor, Oil Painting, Comics, Pixar 3D, Digital Illustration).
2. Then prompt me for the image concept
3. Then you will prompt me for the colors I want the picture to complement or just use the default.
4. You will ask me what kind of mood for the image (playful, serious, joyful, excited, energetic, happy, sad or other). 
5. You will ask if I want people, animals, both or none in my image. 
4. Then you will ask for how many different Midjourney prompts I want.

I appreciate your support.

Mark R. Hinkle

Your AI Sherpa,

Mark R. Hinkle
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USING ChatGPT with Siri

Ever wished Siri could understand and answer your questions with the intelligence and conversational abilities of ChatGPT? Well, now it can! Recent updates from OpenAI have made ChatGPT even more appealing for seamless integration with Siri. Enhanced language understanding, improved response generation, and expanded knowledge base mean that ChatGPT can now provide more accurate, relevant, and informative answers to your Siri queries.

After the release of GPT 4o this week, Sam Altman shares with Logan Barlett of Redpoint how he uses ChatGPT on his phone for improved productivity. If you want to be like Sam, keep reading.

The easiest way I found is to use a pre-configured Apple Shortcut. I used the S-GPT shortcut to integrate OpenAI's ChatGPT seamlessly with Apple devices. Though a YouTube search will give you numerous options to configure Apple Shortcuts on your devices and integrate OpenAI, S-GPT is the simplest (there are many others, but this is the one I used).

How to Get Started

If you're new to S-GPT, check out the original article for a detailed overview and instructions on how to set it up. Remember, you'll need both the S-GPT and S-GPT Encoder shortcuts to use this powerful tool.

Download and Update

Ready to try the latest version? Download or update your shortcuts from the MacStories Shortcuts Archive:

Ready to Give it a Try?

If you're excited to try this AI-powered upgrade for Siri, go ahead and do so. You might be surprised at how it can improve your productivity.

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