What Every CEO Should Know About AI

Cutting through the hype around artificial intelligence, a guide for business leaders

This week, I am diving into the practicalities and strategic implications of AI in business. I created a comprehensive guide collating a lot of research and supporting facts and figures for adopting AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly Generative AI (Gen AI), has shifted from mere technological novelty to a vital component of strategic business planning. Gen AI is redefining the way companies approach marketing, product development, and customer service by enabling the creation of original, innovative content. This transformation necessitates that CEOs and other business leaders not only understand but also strategically integrate AI into their business models.

ChatGPT Adds GPTs, Personalized AIs

OpenAI has recently unveiled a new platform that allows users to create custom versions of the ChatGPT chatbot tailored to specific use cases, with no coding experience required. This innovative platform, expected to be available through the GPT Store in the coming weeks, will enable both ChatGPT Plus subscribers and enterprise customers to develop AI agents for a variety of internal and external applications.

The announcement was made at OpenAI’s inaugural developer conference, DevDay, in San Francisco, where the company also revealed a more powerful and cost-effective GPT-4, reduced pricing for developers, and the impressive milestone of ChatGPT reaching 100 million weekly users.

These customizable AI agents, referred to as GPTs, will automate tasks such as managing prompt lists and instruction sets, which previously required manual input. During a demonstration, a custom GPT named "Creative Writing Coach" was shown critiquing a writing sample, and another, "Event Navigator," was created to assist with navigating the conference, complete with a DALL-E generated profile picture and the ability to ingest documents like event schedules to inform its responses.

The platform offers a range of features, including web browsing, integration with DALL-E and OpenAI’s Code Interpreter, and the ability to upload custom data. It also allows for Actions, which let GPTs connect to external services for additional data access. Despite the competition from other AI bot platforms, OpenAI emphasizes utility over creating bots with human-like personas.

Creators of these GPTs will not have access to chat content, and OpenAI plans to monitor the platform to prevent misuse. The GPT Store will require identity verification from creators, and initially, GPTs will be shareable through web links.

This move is seen as a step towards OpenAI's ultimate goal of creating an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and is expected to contribute to the company's growth as it seeks a significant increase in valuation.

Prompt of the Week: Find the Best AI Applications

This prompt can be modified for virtually any type of application, but as someone interested in AI. I tend to look for AI apps. You can change the directories to search for other verticals as well.  There are several “Find an App” plugins in the ChatGPT store, but I think this is a better unbiased solution. To use this prompt, you must use ChatGPT Plus with the Bing Search or web browsing plugins like Web Pilot.

I want to find the best AI applications that I can use today for my business for creating presentationsSearch the following websites:ProductHunt.comAIScout.netFuturepedia.iohttps://www.insidr.ai/ai-tools/,futuretools.ioG2.comCapterra.comRecommend those applications with the highest ratings and share their rating in the lists.If there are no applications that meet my criteria then share those without ratings.

What I Read this Week

AI Tools I am Evaluating

  • Lindy - Get things done 10x cheaper, 10x faster with your custom AI — no coding required.

  • mysint - Personalized AI content for brands.

  • PromptHub - A very cool way to organize and use your prompts with multiple models. I am anxious to see what comes next.


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