Deep Dive into Biden's New AI Executive Order

What the U.S. president's new executive order means for the future

This week, The Artificially Intelligent Enterprise reached over 1,000 readers after just over five months. I appreciate everyone’s support. I have been contemplating switching things up in the newsletter as it’s been getting a little long. So, I’ve decided to shorten the newsletter but provide links to various resources and writing I hope you find more useful. So you’ll notice that this week, I will start adding a prompt of the week and a couple of other resources; I’ll include a link to my longer form content but will likely begin publishing that on my blog and LinkedIn to keep your inbox a little more manageable. I also would love your feedback on helping provide the most valuable content and would like to give you what you want from this newsletter.

Featured Article: AI Oversight: Biden's Executive Order and AI Expert Analysis

AI oversight took front and center in the news this week. In a pivotal move that could be a game-changer for the United States, the White House has issued an executive order on the "Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence." This isn't just a bureaucratic exercise; it's a comprehensive roadmap to catapult the U.S. into a leadership position in the AI arena. This article breaks down the news and provides some analysis from me and other AI experts. Read my take on the Peripety Labs Blog

Prompt of the Week: LinkedIn Post from a URL

One task that I frequently do is to create a LinkedIn post that points back to a blog post. Since I tend to write longer content unsuitable for LinkedIn, I prefer to make all my content on my company website. Using ChatGPT Plus with web browsing or plugins like Web Pilot, I can create a blog post from a URL. In my prompts, I use brackets to indicate variables. In the prompt below, replace the [URL] with the URL you want to create a post for. The resulting position may require some adjustments, but it's a significant time-saver and an effective way to create LinkedIn posts to promote your content. 

You will act as a social media expert. Generate LinkedIn Post in English from a URL, use a plugin or web browsing.- Write like a Professional LinkedIn Content Creator with 15+ years of experience.Generate LinkedIn Post in English from this URL: [URL] use a plugin or web browsing.- Create a compelling LinkedIn Post that drives engagement.- Don't use words like "Introducing, Exciting Announcement, In the real of, In a world" in the starting line.- Please use related emojis. Also, try to engage the audience in the post + try something that other users want to comment on the post. Try to keep Lines short and engaging.- Don't use more than 4-5 sentences in full content, if exceeded due to long content try to summarize and fit into 4-5 sentence max.- Also, use best practices for LinkedIn SEO and try to meet all requirements- Make sure that content is 100% Original and Plagiarism free.- Use bullet points in the middle and keep it short and concise.- Create a call to action to read more and create a hyperlink to the image.- After that Also give 6 related hashtags for LinkedIn.

I recently created an Artificial Intelligence for LinkedIn Success: The Ultimate Guide that has this prompt and a comprehensive guide on how to use prompts for ChatGPT.

Tip of the Week: Creating Consistent Images with ChatGPT DALL-E 3

Since DALL-E 3 became available in my ChatGPT account, I've wanted to have the ability to create images easily with the same look and feel for blog posts and presentations. I love using AI to create presentations but always look for additional edges. So, quickly creating images that provide continuity in my PowerPoint would greatly help. Here's how to do that using DALL-E 3.

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