Free Download: Crash Course in Artificial Intelligence

Twenty nine pages with pictures on how AI works

I recently gave a presentation to my local AI Meetup Group in Raleigh, NC and I used it as a forcing function to get my thoughts together on how to talk about AI with folks who wanted to learn more. I live by the motto, “Move fast and make things.” a play on the Silicon Valley mantra, “Move fast and break things.” So I thought I’d share the presentation with you even though I’d rather agonize over all the details and make it perfect.

This presentation, like me, breaks a lot of rules. Most of the slides are eye charts. That’s because I wanted to cram in as much information as a takeaway for those folks as I could. I want the same for you. My goal was to try to give everyone a quick background on how AI works so they would understand the capabilities and limitations of AI. Also so, they’d have enough information to wow their non-techie friends at cocktail parties.

So here’s the presentation that I am interating on. Feel free to share comments and let me know what you think, I have thick skin and want it to get better, so please feel free to provide feedback. I hope you enjoy it!

Crash Course in Artificial Intelligence


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