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Marketing Machines

About six weeks ago, I decided to start Peripety Labs to help companies become better at bringing their products to market. I also realized that I couldn’t be happy with myself if I simply advised technology companies without being able to market my products using the same strategy and tactics. However, I am not a software developer and live in the software and technology development world. So I thought about it and decided I’d create a product, market it, and document my results. If I failed, I’d at least know that I wasn’t a fraud. Also, I wanted to make something that was fun and would help people and allow me to learn. So I started to brainstorm.

I started with what I like to do. I like to write, so I thought maybe I’d write something. I also like to teach, so I wanted to help people learn something interesting. Also, I wanted to do something relevant. So I landed on artificial intelligence. Something I had been playing around with for the last six months or so. So I started reviewing my journal entries about what I had learned and stringing them together into something that I thought would be a small white paper. Well, I got a little out of hand. I ended up with hundreds of pages in a traditional book layout but realized that wasn’t going to cut it. Things move too fast, and I wanted to update the book with all the new changes in AI. So I tossed weeks’ worth of book layouts in the trash and decided I’d publish something that has utility and maybe a bit less aesthetic value.

Marketing Machines, An AI Book for Marketing Professionals

I landed on creating a PDF that was easy to update with new information so I could generate PDFs for download daily if I chose to. But even that wasn’t going to be good enough. I had spent a couple of weeks getting things ready, and the ideas of what I wanted to add were already filled pages of my to-do list. So I compromised, I decided, along with Marketing Machines, I’d create a companion mailing list that would be even easier and faster to update. So I will keep updating Marketing Machines and posting at least weekly to a new mailing list for marketing professionals called Artificially Intelligent.

After twenty-three years of selling, marketing, and coordinating efforts around technology, I realized that I have a lot of experience and an amazing network of friends who provide me with insights that help me learn faster than most people. It’s like having a faculty of top college professors teaching me.

This allows me to learn, share what I know, and provide a resource to help others. I know many people in my industry at the FAANG companies, and recently Red Hat have suffered through unexpected layoffs. There is also much discussion of how artificial intelligence is going to put jobs at risk, and I agree. However, I think it provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those who choose to learn a new skill to improve their career prospects and be part of a truly incredible technological advancement.

Marketing Machines

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