The Case of the Incredible Shrinking LLM

Can we trade efficiency for size in artificial intelligence models?

Throughout the history of IT, there has been a consistent trend of making things smaller, faster, and more efficient. This trend is often encapsulated in Moore's Law, which states that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles approximately every two years, leading to a decrease in the size of electronic components. This phenomenon has led to the development of smaller and more powerful devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and microprocessors, which have revolutionized how we live and work.

One example of this trend is the evolution of storage devices. Over the years, we have witnessed a significant reduction in the size of storage media, from large mainframe computers to tiny, high-capacity USB flash drives and microSD cards. This size reduction has been accompanied by a substantial increase in storage capacity, allowing us to store vast amounts of data in a fraction of the space previously required.

Evolution of HDD size

Another example is the miniaturization of electronic components, which has enabled the development of wearable technology, IoT devices, and miniature medical devices. These advancements have made technology more portable and convenient and opened up new possibilities in various fields, from healthcare to entertainment.

The drive to make things smaller in IT is motivated by various factors, including portability, energy efficiency, and cost reduction. Smaller devices are often more portable and convenient, allowing users to carry powerful computing tools. Additionally, miniaturization often leads to energy savings, as smaller components generally require less power. Furthermore, the reduction in the size of IT equipment can lead to cost savings in terms of materials, manufacturing, and logistics.

Smaller LLMS

The model's size has always been significant as we evaluate large language models. Large models with many parameters have demonstrated impressive abilities in tasks such as zero-shot reasoning. However, their size can pose challenges, such as high computational demands and limited flexibility.

On the other hand, a minimalist approach seems appealing - why invest enormous computing resources when a slender model could suffice? But before trimming the fat, we should consider that the excessive parameters of larger models enable them to handle uncommon tasks and edge cases. Although these situations are rare, they are often significant.

Examples of LLMs

The tech industry's race to develop ever-smaller AI models promises enticing benefits - democratized access, lightning-fast performance, and privacy protections.

Google Gemini Nano, A Model for Cell Phones

When Google launched their new model, Gemini, heralded to be a ChatGPT killed, it was announced in three sizes: Nano, Pro, and Ultra. Gemini Nano. Google Nano is designed for fast on-device tasks and is now accessible on the Pixel 8 Pro. It is integrated into Bard, the AI chatbot, and available on Pixel 8 smartphones.

Mixtral, a Mixture of Experts Model

Mistral AI has introduced a revolutionary AI model named Mixtral 8x7B that is transforming the field of artificial intelligence. This model is not just fast, but it is six times faster than its predecessors, such as Llama 2 70B, and it can compete with other well-known models like GPT3.5 in terms of performance. Mixtral is highly efficient in managing complex tasks without compromising speed or cost. It is also versatile, supporting multiple languages such as English, French, and German, and it excels in code generation and instruction following. This makes Mixtral an ideal choice for businesses utilizing AI for various applications.

Mixtral is based on the Mixture-of-Experts (MoE) concept, similar to having a team of specialists, where each member is an expert in a different area. In other words, Mixtral brings together the most suitable experts for every task to provide the best solution. This approach enables Mixtral to have an enormous capability while efficiently operating. It can handle tasks with the expertise of a 45-billion-parameter model while operating with the agility of a much smaller model.

Performance overview

The Strategic Importance of Compact AI Models

Compact Large Language Models (LLMs) are strategically important for various reasons, including their versatility, scalability, and ability to make predictions with limited labeled data.

Some key aspects of the strategic importance of smaller LLMs are:

  1. Customization: Even smaller LLMs can perform a wide range of tasks, such as answering questions, summarizing documents, translating languages, and completing sentences. This flexibility allows them to be used in various applications, including natural language processing, healthcare, software development, and more. These customized models could be deployed on local devices or modest hardware like office computers, laptops, or tablet computers that prevent them from being used.

  2. Downscaling: LLMs can be trained on massive datasets, which allows them to capture complex patterns and relationships in the data. As the model's size increases, its performance improves, making it more accurate and reliable for various tasks. Smaller models can be downscaled to perform exceptionally without the larger resource footprint.

  3. Ability to make predictions with limited labeled data: Large language models can make decent predictions even when given just a handful of labeled training examples. This is particularly useful in situations with limited domain-specific training data available and when the model's size is required to be much smaller.

  4. Efficiency and customization: Small language models customized to specific needs can offer greater efficiency and customization potential. By training them on proprietary or industry-specific datasets, enterprises can tailor the models to their needs and extract maximum value from their AI investments.

  5. Security: Small language models offer advantages in terms of safety and security compared to large language models. They can be trained on enterprise-specific data, ensuring that the answers generated are tailored to the team and helping to maintain company-specific information. They also can run on. laptops, tablets, and desktops that aren’t connected to larger models with multiple users. This may make passing regulatory and compliance guidelines easier than larger public models.

Compact Large Language Models are driving innovation and improving efficiency across various industries, making them a valuable strategic asset for businesses and organizations.

Conclusion: The Future of AI is Compact and Powerful

The evolution towards smaller, more efficient AI models like Mistral 7B represents a critical shift in the AI landscape. These models promise to make AI more accessible, sustainable, and aligned with the needs of a privacy-conscious society. As technology advances, the balance between size, power, and ethics will undoubtedly shape the next generation of AI development.

Prompt of the Week: Email Copyeditor

One of the hardest things for me is to reply to or do outreach to develop a creative pitch and make it coherent. I came up with this prompt not because I don’t have the ability but because I sometimes need a starter. It provides an interview for you to leverage an LLM (Claude, OpenAI, or another AI Chatbot) to pull it together in a compelling and complete pitch. I created a couple of examples to make this a few-shot prompt (a few-shot prompt includes a couple of examples to guide the output). However, the prompt may give you better results when you use your own examples.

You will act as an expert in the art of persuasion and email copywriter for business. You will generate an email to engage a person I have not previously contacted. Here is the most relevant sentence in the context: Craft a compelling and relevant subject line that captures the recipient's interest. The email should adhere to the following guidelines:-Subject Line: Craft a compelling and relevant subject line that captures the recipient's interest. Use [Target Person's Interest/Industry] and [Your Purpose] as key elements to draw attention.-Greeting: Start with a friendly and professional greeting. Personalize it using the recipient's name, [Recipient's Name].-Introduction: Briefly introduce yourself. Mention your name [Your Name] and your role [Your Role/Position].- Purpose of Email: Clearly state the purpose of your email. This should align with [Your Purpose] and be relevant to [Recipient's Industry/Interest].-Value Proposition: Explain what value you can offer to the recipient. This could be in terms of [Information/Opportunity/Service] that you think might be beneficial for them considering their [Industry/Interest].-Call to Action: Include a specific call to action, such as requesting a meeting, a response, or directing them to a resource. Make this action clear and easy to follow.-Closing Remarks: Conclude the email with a polite and optimistic closing remark, expressing your hope for their response or future interaction.-Signature: End with your formal signature, including your full name [Your Full Name], your contact information [Your Contact Information], and any professional title or affiliation [Your Professional Title/Affiliation].Now interview me for all the information you’ll need to complete the task. Interview me with one question at a time until I have provided all the information to complete the task. ## Example Email for Cold Outreach to Introduce a Company**Subject Line:** "Unleash Potential with Peripety Labs 🚀"**Body:**Hello there [Name],I see that you have an interest in artificial intelligence. You're about to embark on a journey that will redefine your business's trajectory. Here's why Peripety Labs is your next big leap:- **Efficiency Unlocked:** Imagine trimming hours off your workflow. Our tech does just that!- **Data, but Smarter:** Turn your data into a powerhouse of insights and decisions.- **Scale with Ease:** As your ambitions grow, our strategy and offerings evolve with you.- **Reliability, Redefined:** Downtime is a myth with our round-the-clock support.Think of us as your business's chief artificial intelligence officer, only smarter and more efficient. Ready to transform your world? Click [here] and we can discuss Cheers to your success,Mark R. 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