Here are the AI tools I like and recommend. I am alway updating them with the tools that I am trying or new advancements.

My Favorite Chatbots

Chatbots are table stakes for AI so here’s my favorites and an explanation of each.

  • ChatGPT - Simply the most capable overall, I use this mostly for organizing data and research.

  • Claude - I think Claude is the best of the bots for copywriting.I also think Claude Projects is a great way to collect research.

  • Microsoft Copilot - The best solution for real-time information via the Bing search.

  • Perplexity - I was a bigger fan of Perplexity because it does provide sources fr AI-assisted search but I am concerned about it hallucinating.

AI Tools that I Am Evaluating

These are the tools I am test-driving right now. Eventually, they might become part of my everyday AI Toolbox.

  • EasyGen - A Chrome extension to turn your ideas into LinkedIn posts.

  • Eleven Studios Text - Create distinctive sound effects directly from text descriptions, streamlining your audio production process

My EveryDay AI Toolbox

These are some of my favorite tools, which I use every week.

  • PromptForge - A way to organize ChatGPT prompts in a handy Chrome extension.

  • Runway - Great platform for generating video, I use it for marketing videos.

  • Synthesia - Among the best ways to create videos with avatars for promotional and training videos with text-to-video AI. It’s nice to search and replace text and change videos without having to “refilm” segments.

  • Gamma - For creating presentations and coming up with ideas

  • Suno - Nice for creating background music for your online ads, promo videos, or even just mood music for your workout or deep work at your desk.